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Prabhav Pattapurati, senior procurement consultant specializing in the chemicals, healthcare and FMCG industries for GEP, a leading provider of procurement and supply chain solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

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Power Purchase Agreements Are the Underused Path to Sustainable Energy
Oct 07, 2021    0

With more than half of the world’s GDP dependent on nature for its resources and services, companies and their supply chains, have an outsized impact on the environment. The stark reality is that corporations continue to increase emissions of toxic greenhouse gases year after year because of their reliance on fossil fuels as a dominant source of energy.

However, in the last few years, the cost of energy from turbines has fallen 10%, while the solar PV cells market has expanded...

Despite auctions being far more efficient than negotiating prices, to secure direct and indirect services and goods, they are entirely underused by multinationals.
Jan 08, 2021    0

In late 2020, Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for breakthrough work on structuring auctions to deliver the best results for both the seller and buyer. Google, for instance, reinvented the advertising industry, which was based on face-to-face, closed-doors deal-making, with its programmatic, automated, real-time, largely auction-based digital platform. In doing so, Google grew exponentially by providing millions of small businesses with the ability to...