Information Technology

Internet of Things
Feb 21, 2020    0
Ushering in the era of The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it conceptual and cultural change in supply chain management. Previous processes that were once not possible to automate, now not only...
digital procurement networks
Feb 17, 2020    0
The most enduring innovations, whether in business or nature, transform entire ecosystems by simplifying tasks and redirecting labor toward more productive outcomes.Consider the humble feather. What...
Use Cases and Applications for robotic process automation
Feb 14, 2020    0
A recent article in Horses for Sources generated a lot of turmoil by stating that “RPA is dead.” So, we thought it would be interesting and helpful to look at and discuss the current...
Using Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain
Feb 12, 2020    0
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now invaded how industries operate in more ways than we can count and know. It has developed into a welcome (and now necessary) addition to boost efficiency, sharpen...
IT strategic procurement sourcing
Jan 20, 2020    0
It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the size and capabilities in the marketplace to understand where to source products and services for your stakeholders.The U.S. has the largest...
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