Sustainable Sourcing

Companies need to show their cards when it comes to ESG.
Jan 13, 2022    0
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). It’s not a new term: its origin dates back several decades, but it has gained increasing importance in recent years. This might have something to do...
If a purchased good is not sustainable, then waste, or money for that matter, is left on the table.
Dec 20, 2021    0
Supply chain and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. A standard teaching practice within supply chain is “lean thinking” that advocates for minimalist, one-piece flow to the...
The service supply chain requires the logistics infrastructure to manage additional complexity while both providing efficient customer service and maintaining inventory levels.
Dec 17, 2021    0
As the Ever Given jammed the Suez Canal, disruption rippled across the supply chain and cargo owners scrambled to determine whether their goods were trapped in one of the containers. Shippers and...
Procurement can impact corporate social responsibility efforts, support supplier stewardship and increase diversity initiatives all through day-to-day operations.
Dec 14, 2021    0
Traditionally thought of as just being responsible for dollars and cents, the function of today’s procurement team goes much further than purchasing supplies needed to run an organization...
Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain.
Dec 10, 2021    0
Sustainability: It’s a word that certainly needs no introduction and one with global implications that reach far beyond that of the supply chain crisis we’re experiencing. Some...
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