Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Supply Chain
Apr 08, 2021    0
Environmental and social governance (ESG) and sustainability have quickly transitioned from “nice-to-haves” to essential components of creating long-term, measurable business value....
7 Tips to Shape the Future of Supplier Diversity in the Enterprise
Apr 06, 2021    0
My last article was an overview of how large enterprises have historically approached supplier diversity initiatives and why they have underperformed. This article will focus on ways the enterprise...
A decades-old ventilation issue leads to improved science labs and athletic facilities for schools.
Mar 18, 2021    0
The Board of Directors for McKeesport Area School District had a problem. The main high school building was completed in 1961 without air conditioning (AC), and every contractor and company was...
Sustainability and Notebook PCs
Jan 27, 2021    0
IT products come with many social and environmental challenges. Conflict minerals, supply chain working conditions, hazardous substances, e-waste as well as the  “take, make, use dispose...
Sustainable Information Technology IT
Jul 24, 2020    0
With greater attention on sustainability and the direct need to meet climate goals, purchasers are looking for ways to change. One place to start is with the 170 million notebook computers produced...
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