Talent Management

Investing in talent reskilling and upskilling will be necessary in the coming years to fill the talent gap.
Jun 27, 2022    0
The World Economic Forum estimates that more than half of all employees worldwide need to upskill or reskill by 2025 to embrace the changing nature of jobs. According to Harvard Business Review,...
An increasing number of BPOs are leveraging digital workforce management technologies to meet the needs of an increasingly digital contact center.
Jun 22, 2022    0
Consumers’ expectations are evolving more rapidly than ever before, making it imperative for business process outsourcing (BPO) call centers to manage an increasing number of channels and...
What is the state of the Great Resignation for employers and job seekers?
Jun 17, 2022    0
There are a lot of factors that led up to the labor trend that has come to be known as the Great Resignation, including some that were in play before the pandemic began. For example, the baby...
Learn about the importance of boardroom diversity, and how this can be proactively achieved to drive equality.
Jun 15, 2022    0
Social justice movements have been powerful catalysts for change in recent years. As these movements have gained in momentum, they have not only raised awareness of inequality and discrimination, but...
Here's how forward-looking companies are exploring AI and automated technologies to go beyond merely surviving to position themselves to thrive for the long-term.
May 25, 2022    0
Global businesses have now spent nearly two years navigating the various challenges of the pandemic. Although some of the fallout was predictable, the dramatic impact we have witnessed on the global...
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