Supply Chain

The Manufacturing Industry was Surprised by the Success of WFH
Jun 07, 2021    0
Just as we saw in virtually every other industry, the global pandemic forced manufacturers to reevaluate where and how work gets done, accelerating the pace of digital transformation that was already...
The Big Supply Chain Talent Shortage
Jun 03, 2021    0
Manufacturing growth has skyrocketed over the last few decades, but the industry continues to lag in growing its most important asset: its people. A spike in retirements, paired with a drop in...
The Future of Supplier Collaboration
Jun 02, 2021    0
Supply chain resiliency took on a new meaning in 2020. In the first few months of the pandemic, suppliers and procurement teams alike were left scrambling, desperately trying to maintain business...
3 Contract Negotiation Strategies to Reduce Supply Chain Risk
May 29, 2021    0
Businesses around the globe recognize that there is a new normal for supply chain risk management. The pandemic’s impact on global supply chains exposed vulnerabilities, created opportunities,...
How to Prove Provenance and Sustainability Promises
May 27, 2021    0
Following Earth month, where brands tend to overcommunicate their promises in using eco-friendly materials and renew their commitments to sustainable and ethical practices, how they are...
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