How Improving Supply Chain Relationships Can Increase Profitability In An Inflationary Market
Jan 04, 2023    0
An old general once said, "pressure makes diamonds!”   When it comes to the ever-increasing pressures on supply chains these past two years, we must be getting close to Kohinoor...
3 Ways Procurement Can Become the Go-To Strategic Partner for Spend Management
Dec 21, 2022    0
There’s no denying that cloud-based applications have changed the way tech stacks ebb and flow. Now that individuals are able to go straight to the source and purchase a new app in a matter...
Negotiating Success: The Technical Evolution of Procurement’s Win-Win Formula
Dec 07, 2022    0
I recently read (actually reread) an article on the SIG blog titled "3 Tools to Master the Art of Negotiation" by industry thought leader Darren Smith. One of the many critical...
Why Big Data is Critical for eCommerce Sellers
Nov 16, 2022    0
Facing the surge of Covid-19, all B2B businesses are forced to switch to online e-commerce to accelerate digital transformation, and now it’s become more hybrid as the pandemic fades. ...
4 Strategies to Adopt in a High-Volume Recruitment Process
Nov 11, 2022    0
Recruitment or talent acquisition is one of those aspects of your company's growth that seems straightforward but really isn’t. It's challenging and consumes a lot of time, effort, and...
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