How Digital World-Class Procurement Organizations Outperform Peers
Sep 05, 2021    0
The best-performing procurement organizations traditionally operate at a lower cost than typical procurement organizations (i.e., peers), while also providing greater strategic value and overall...
John W. Henke Jr. and Chun Zhang: Increasing Supplier Trust and Innovation
Aug 27, 2021    0
The tricky question that most if not all companies face on a constant basis is how to get their suppliers fully engaged and committed to – and even be instrumental in driving – innovation...
Boosting Supplier Relationships Through Total-Value Sourcing
Aug 24, 2021    0
Sourcing leaders today operate within an intricate web of interconnected buyers and suppliers from around the globe. When awarding parts of a business, companies must weigh more than the cost of what...
Turning the Corner on Digital Transformation with GBS
Aug 18, 2021    0
The COVID-19 pandemic made an already challenging marketplace even more complicated, forcing businesses to seek out value in every corner of their operations—including in their extended...
Digitization: A Path to Resilience through Disruption
Aug 11, 2021    0
The supply chain headaches continue. Only 40% of global container ships were on time in March 2021, with average delays extending more than six days. The pervasive disruptions have made effectively...
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