What it Takes to Retain Employees in 2021
Jun 14, 2021    0
Employee volatility across the Fortune 100 is up 8% on average over last year. This means most companies in the Fortune 100 are facing above-average risk of losing key talent. Even with the labor...
10 Plays to Win the Sourcing Talent Game
Jun 11, 2021    0
Championship baseball teams like the Washington Nationals win by developing a talent pipeline of young players like left fielder Juan Soto and acquiring savvy veterans like three-time Cy Yong award...
Could Puerto Rico Become the Next Big Tech Haven?
Jun 09, 2021    0
During the 2006 economic downturn in Puerto Rico, many jobs were lost and people left the island. Fast forward to 2017 when Hurricane Maria made the problem even worse. People left the island in...
Semantic Folding is Solving the Problem of Too Many Emails
May 20, 2021    0
Email management is a bigger challenge every year. In 2019, business email accounted for more than 128.8 billion emails sent and received per day, according to the Radicati Group. Adding to the...
Rethinking the Supply Chain Takes a Team Effort
May 17, 2021    0
The supply chain is an often overlooked, yet critical, component of businesses everywhere. For a long time, the focus around supply chains has always been on efficiency and cost reduction. But when...
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