5 Insights to Drive Your Procurement Priorities
Jul 28, 2021    0
Just as there was no roadmap for navigating a crisis like COVID-19, there is no formula for the best way to come out of a pandemic, either. However, if anyone has proven that they are up to charting...
Five Challenges Faced by Sourcing Professionals and How to Solve Them
Jul 27, 2021    0
Sourcing professionals around the globe face increasing challenges and demands, and that was true even before the pandemic. Siloed systems have historically slowed down the supplier onboarding and...
The Executive’s Guide to Purposeful Procure-to-Pay Implementations
Jul 22, 2021    0
Procure-to-pay (P2P), which involves the four key stages of selecting goods and services, enforcing compliance and order, receiving and reconciliation, and invoicing and payment, is a core business...
4 Myths About Procurement And Supply Chain Careers – Solved
Jul 21, 2021    0
Supply chain management and procurement are fields commonly misunderstood by many. The contribution of these fields to any business or their perception as a career option is governed by many...
4 Tips to Improve Supply Chain Resilience
Jul 12, 2021    0
The year that started the global pandemic also brought more than just the coronavirus. The world became acutely aware of the weak links within the global supply chain. At the onset, product and...
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