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Inflation is here for the foreseeable future. Act now to address the increasing cost of goods and supplies to remain competitive in your market.
Dec 01, 2021    0
Inflation is our call to arms. Born from supply chain disruptions and shortages of commodities, renewed demand, cyberattacks and natural disasters, the annual producer price inflation for final...
How to Use Supply Chain Financing
Nov 12, 2021    0
All organizations are interested in improving their working capital. One popular method of doing this is through the reevaluation of supplier payment terms. There are clear benefits to...
How to Fix Procurement’s Fake Savings Problem
Oct 27, 2021    0
Back on September 9, we learned Kraft Heinz (KHC) had paid $62 million in fines for what SEC enforcement division director Anita Bandy called “…improper expense management practices that...
How to Get CFOs to Promote Procurement
Sep 27, 2021    0
CPOs are always looking for new ways to increase internal advocacy and improve strategic value to elevate the role of Procurement. As the lead of an organization’s financial vision, CFOs can...
6 Cybersecurity Tips for International Business Travelers
Sep 20, 2021    0
Without a doubt, international business travelers face a high risk of cybersecurity breaches. If you travel for work, you’ll likely have to do business on more than one device, including...
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