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Learn three ways that supply chain financing (SCF) can help mitigate rising costs due to inflation and reduce friction when it comes to paying supplier invoices on time.
Apr 27, 2022    0
“SCF can assist firms and their supply chains by increasing the velocity of cash flow and making those flows more consistent. Implemented properly, the firm and its supply chains can enjoy a...
Supply chain problems and labor shortages are not going away any time soon, but that doesn’t mean businesses can remain stagnant.
Mar 30, 2022    0
In our era of labor shortages and rising inflation, business leaders need to focus on doing everything they can to operate more efficiently and maintain margins and profitability. A key way to do...
Classifying spend data can often seem like a huge and overwhelming task, but you shouldn't push it down on the priority list.
Mar 18, 2022    0
Classifying spend data can often seem like a huge and overwhelming task, especially if you’re starting from scratch and, more often than not, it’s a task that gets pushed further and...
How to Fix Procurement’s Fake Savings Problem
Jan 25, 2022    0
Back on September 9, we learned Kraft Heinz (KHC) had paid $62 million in fines for what SEC enforcement division director Anita Bandy called “…improper expense management practices that...
Inflation is here for the foreseeable future. Act now to address the increasing cost of goods and supplies to remain competitive in your market.
Dec 01, 2021    0
Inflation is our call to arms. Born from supply chain disruptions and shortages of commodities, renewed demand, cyberattacks and natural disasters, the annual producer price inflation for final...
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