Business Process

 Managing Marketing Spending During a Pandemic
Apr 03, 2020    0
As I am writing this article in late March, the full economic fallout from COVID-19 is not yet known and, in fact, will remain unknown for a while. However, two things are clear. The economic...
Behavioral Data in Negotiations
Mar 30, 2020    0
Knowing the behavioral history of a supplier prior to negotiations is essential to understand the reasons why a supplier is likely to offer optimal prices and service level agreements (SLA).In the...
Preventive Contract Framing
Mar 23, 2020    0
What is Contract FramingIn various papers and articles, Weber conveys that an identical contract can be written to fit into two basic baskets – preventive-based and promotion-based. When you...
Sign business contracts remotely
Mar 20, 2020    0
Businesses must ensure they understand what can be done remotely in relation to the signing of documents. They should also now be re-visiting contracts and opening dialogue with other parties within...
Overcoming Buyer Stagnation Through Procurement
Mar 18, 2020    0
Today, more than ever, filling the top of the funnel is proving to be extremely difficult. Speak with any salesperson and you’re likely to hear just how hard selling has become. And while yes,...
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