Business Process

8 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Outsourcing Company
Mar 31, 2021    0
From being a startup to a scale-up, businesses today have the advantage of cutting-edge technology and a diverse talent pool to realize their vision. But when growth is happening at a faster pace and...
Keeping your data clean means greater visibility across your business in several areas, allowing better decisions, as well as time and cost savings and increased profits.
Mar 30, 2021    0
Can you imagine standing in the middle of a snow blizzard without a COAT on? No… me either. It doesn’t sound like a particularly fun way to spend an evening and let’s face it, no...
Since 2011, global indirect procurement spend has grown by around 7% annually. To take control, you need to start tracking indirect category inflation.
Mar 10, 2021    0
According to McKinsey, global indirect procurement spend has been growing by an estimated 7% each year since 2011. Many of the inflationary factors driving this rise are well outside of most...
data protection
Feb 18, 2021    0
So, you’ve just shelled out big money to have it classified and your data will almost certainly be correct when you receive it, but it will only stay accurate for a short period of time....
Sourcing Automation
Feb 17, 2021    0
Organizations are putting a magnifying glass to their global workforce. Through continuous changes in local employment laws and additional scrutiny towards proper worker classification both...
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