Business Process

Industry 4.0
Jun 26, 2020    0
The world is entering its fourth Industrial Revolution, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. While Western economies ruled the first three industrial revolutions (steam, electrification, automation...
Procurement crisis
Jun 19, 2020    0
The coronavirus outbreak is having a profound impact on every business’ supply chain. The U.S. manufacturing PMI indicated the worst contraction in production, new orders, and employment since...
Workplace Reopening
Jun 19, 2020    0
How do you think the pandemic has and will change business in America for employees going forward, especially within the workplace?There’s a major mindset shift for employees; that’s...
Steps for Strategic Planning
Jun 17, 2020    0
Strategic planning is something that many of us will talk a lot about this year. As the business landscape continues to evolve, today’s forward-thinking brands are already looking to reinvent...
Quantum Computers
Jun 12, 2020    0
There’s something that has been revolutionizing our world without us even noticing it. A technological device that promises to create a new way to encrypt information and process data. This...
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