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Catriona is Business Development Manager for Precision Global Consulting (PGC), a workforce management platform. Catriona consults with companies to understand their existing back office operations processes to identify how implementing technology can allow for scale and growth. Born in Ireland, Catriona has worked in the UK and Europe before moving to the US and previously worked in Marketing for Vodafone and HBO.

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Dec 04, 2018    0

When you’re ready to establish a contract desk in the U.S., one of the most important decisions you...

Nov 14, 2018    0
Catriona O'Kane: Inna thanks so much for lending your expertise. Before an organization has begun the process of expansion and is still researching what is involved, what key areas would you advise they look at as a starting point?   
Inna Koldorf: Unlike the U.S., most Canadian employees are governed by provincial law, not federal law. As a result, the first thing that an organization should consider before...