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Budhaditya Banerjee (Budha) has close to a decade’s experience as an IT subject matter expert. He currently leads GEP’s IT advisory business which involves handholding CIOs and IT category leaders on an array of complex sourcing and category management issues. Budha is a trusted voice with his clients on issues relating to legacy and the disruptive IT offerings.

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Oct 19, 2017    0

The entire source-to-pay spectrum in procurement stares at the eventuality named automation. With automation having the potential to lower procurement costs, generate greater savings and render greater value, its aggressive foray into the source-to-pay spectrum remains only a matter of time.

The future is on its way, one disruption at a time. The fevered imagination of science fiction novelists is already being translated into hard reality in ways one couldn’t have...

Aug 12, 2017    0

An evil cyber force reared its ugly head (yet again) to launch an unprecedented ransomware pandemic in mid-May 2017. The severity of the cyberattack – 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals were impacted in over 150 countries causing billions in financial losses – was a staggering demonstration of the under-preparedness shown by enterprise IT security teams to tackle issues related to cybersecurity. Considering the attack mostly targeted systems that were running on older versions of...