Risk Management

Today's procurement professionals must identify the risks that can impact an organization and implement strategies to mitigate and manage those risks.

Procurement professionals across the globe are being catapulted to the front lines of the battle for cost-containment, remaining competitive in their respective industries, and in some cases saving operations from going under.
May 04, 2022    0
Supply chain and procurement professionals are now tasked with the near-impossible: fighting off upstream price increases and obtaining year-over-year cost savings in today’s inflationary...
Today's globalized world means that organizations are more exposed to risk than ever before.
Apr 08, 2022    0
When we look back at the globally disruptive events of the last 18 months, there aren’t a huge number of positives to draw on. But one significant silver lining is that major crisis events like...
Get best practices for how to prevent and recover from a cyber-attack, and how to train executives and employees to protect company data.
Mar 07, 2022    0
A Changing Threat Landscape 2021 set infamous records in terms of cyber-attack costs, as the damage of cyber-crime exceeded $6 trillion, according to Cyber Security Ventures. This is a 50% increase...
While 2021 was a bust for many who hoped that supply chain disruptions would abate, it appears the trend will continue well into 2022.
Mar 04, 2022    0
Sourcing Disruption to Continue In 2022  A volatile 2021 taught businesses a tough lesson about the fragility of supply chains. Just when many thought we were out of the woods, the promising...
Because no one knows suppliers as intimately as procurement, they have the unique ability make predictive connections between their suppliers and the risks they may pose to the enterprise.
Feb 16, 2022    0
It’s time to rethink the role procurement professionals hold in organizations, and this shift is critical to reducing organizational risk and boosting resilience. While the traditional approach...
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