Risk Management

Today's procurement professionals must identify the risks that can impact an organization and implement strategies to mitigate and manage those risks.

There is a new attack angle in cybersecurity.
Jan 18, 2022    0
History repeats itself. Could we use the lessons from the first time around? At the height of ransomware attacks, people responsible for oil rigs and ships in the sea find themselves to be the next...
Cybersecurity predictions and their impact on regulations and inadequate cloud security measures in the supply chain.
Jan 06, 2022    0
Predicting the future may sometimes seem an impossible task, especially given the speed with which our world and the world of cybersecurity changes, but there are already signs of two major shifts...
5 Ways Digital Procurement Mitigates Risk
Nov 02, 2021    0
Nothing in business is risk-free. Every department in a company needs to deal with risk daily. Risk management appears to be a simple concept, yet it is a highly complicated aspect of organizational...
Cloud Compliance and 4 Ways to Improve It
Sep 30, 2021    0
Cloud compliance accounts for a company adhering to previously established cloud usage regulations and standards that are dictated by both federal laws and industry guidelines. Let’s say your...
New Trends and Challenges For Sourcing
Sep 22, 2021    0
With the COVID-19 Delta variant threatening pandemic recovery around the world, brands that source products globally are facing supply chain challenges in a business landscape mired by transit...
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