Talkin' 'bout a (webinar) revolution...

Posted: 05/21/2016 - 08:11

The third Wednesday of every month – specifically, at 3pm UK time – is rapidly becoming a regular high point on my personal schedule – “Why?”, I hear you ask (the NSA have lent me some really cool eavesdropping kit…). Well, it’s because that’s the regular slot for our Outsource Talks webinar series, and while hosting webinars is never the least nerve-racking of activities, these in particular are proving so enjoyable – thanks to the much-appreciated efforts of my panellists – that the various technical gremlins and the usual worries accompanying every live broadcast just pale into insignificance (I’m aware that I’ve just tempted fate in the most outrageous manner, but c’est la vie…).

This week, for the third in the series, I was joined by three more superb participants whose input made once again for a highly informative, insightful and, frankly, fun webinar, of a kind which I really do feel is unique in this space, thanks to the “talkshow” format in which each guest gets some one-on-one time to explore a topic or topics of his/her choosing, before we open it up for audience Q&A. On Wednesday we heard from NelsonHall’s Rachael Stormonth, discussing changes in the BPO landscape (with particular focus on all things digital); Impact Enterprises CEO Dimitri Zakharov, giving his perspective on impact sourcing and Africa (with a particular focus on Zambia, where his organisation is based); and Alsbridge’s Michael Markos, examining technology, innovation and talent (among much else).

Without wanting to sound too sycophantic, it really is a pleasure and an honour to hear from the likes of Rachael, Dimitri and Michael, whose extensive experience and acuity gives them perspectives on various corners of the space which can only be of significant value to anyone wishing to broaden and deepen their understanding of the global outsourcing arena – and certainly made for a fantastic discussion on Wednesday, which we could have continued for much longer than the webinar’s allotted hour.

I’m not going to write up that discussion here – not through any lethargy on my part but because there’s a much better way to get that content to you: those of you who fit the above description – and anyone else who wants to hear from three professionals at the top of their games – but who weren’t able to attend Outsource Talks #3 on the day are now able to make sure you don’t miss a thing, as the recording of Wednesday’s session is now available. Simply click here (and, of course, feel free to point in that direction any of your colleagues and peers whom you think would benefit from it).

As I’ve undoubtedly made clear by now, I’m a big fan of this series and I’m hoping that the third Wednesday of each month will become as much of an eagerly anticipated regular appointment for you as it is for me. The next in the series – Outsource Talks #4 – should certainly tempt you: joining me on Wednesday June 15th are outsourcing legend Richard Jones (chairman of Genfour and Proxima, and involved in one way or another with more ventures than you can shake a stick at), Aecus partner (and Outsource columnist) Paul Morrison, NeoGroup CEO Atul Vashistha, and SIG University’s very own Mark Pollack. I’m anticipating another fantastic chat and invite all of you to come along and put your questions to the panel: you and your colleagues can register here.

If you’ve got any questions about the Outsource Talks series, please do drop me a line at and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I look forward to hosting you all on June 15th!


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