Outsource talked!

Posted: 03/18/2016 - 21:49

On Wednesday the world - well, that portion of it that registered, anyway - was treated to the delights of our first Outsource Talks webinar, our foray into the world of the talk show as seen in the outsourcing space... Nerve-racking though it was to host the first in this series, in an untested format, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - thanks, of course, to the sheer excellence of my guests, to whom I must issue my heartfelt thanks. Those guests included (in order of appearance) SIG and Outsource CEO & President Dawn Tiura; Alsbridge MD Mike Slavin; Outsource columnist and author of The Outsourcing Conundrum, Damian Scallon; infosec expert Mike Gillespie of Advent IM; and governance guru Mike Beals; and with each panellist speaking for a few minutes on their chosen topic before being thrown to the wolves - I mean, attendees - for general Q&A, we covered a broad range of themes in an enjoyably light-hearted manner, and I think set a great foundation for this series going forward. Sceptical? Don't take my word for it: the recording of the webinar is now available for all to enjoy! Simply click here to go to the registration screen, enter a few details and you'll be able to listen to a unique event full of insight, illumination and men called Mike... Feel free to distribute that link far and wide - and get any feedback to me at jliddell@sig.org (where you can also send any comments you may have for the panellists themselves). That feedback will be crucial in making Outsource Talks as good as it can be going forwards. Talking of the future: Episode 2 of Outsource Talks will be going out live from SIG's Spring Summit, at 3pm BST (GMT+1) on Wednesday April 20 - I'll publish full details, with a registration link, early next week, so keep your eyes on this column for more info. See you there!

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