The joy of webinars

Posted: 09/22/2016 - 12:04

Earlier today, I had the great pleasure of hosting the seventh episode of Outsource Talks, our webinar series – for those of you not yet familiar with this especially marvellous project - that brings the time-honoured talkshow model to the international sourcing, outsourcing and business transformation community.

Rather than focussing on one particular theme, one of the joys of Outsource Talks is that we try to explore a variety of topics on each show and in doing so explore some of the things which very different corners of the space and the professionals working with in them have in common, and therefore joining me on the virtual sofa today were four more luminaries, visionaries and all-round celebrities selected as usual to ensure a great diversity of experience and perspective: our audience were treated to thoughts from Jamie Lyon of ACCA, David Martin of Progress, Wanda Lopuch of the Global Sourcing Council and Raun Kilgo of Alsbridge on talent development in shared services, challenges and opportunities posed by the new wave of automation technologies, crises in the supply chain (and shareholder responses to them) and a very great deal more – so much more, indeed, that once again we reached the end of the webinar with great reluctance, our allotted hour having absolutely flown by, and could easily have continued well into the evening.

I’m hoping to entice/persuade/bribe/blackmail my Gang of Four to pursue some of today’s themes via some articles on this site, so if you attended today’s show and are also keen to go deeper into some of the topics we covered, please keep one eye on the homepage over the next couple of weeks (and, as I hope I made clear at the time, Jamie, David, Wanda and Raun would welcome emails from anyone looking to discuss any of today’s themes with them directly – as would I, at the usual address:

Meanwhile, if you didn’t catch Outsource Talks #7, despair not… As usual, we’re sharing the recording of today’s show and I urge those of you who couldn’t make it at the time to check it out: my panel really were excellent today, and once again I came away from Outsource Talks both enlightened and entertained, and convinced that you’d be hard pressed to find a comparable hour full of thought leadership of such compelling depth and breadth, and on such a variety of topics, anywhere in the space.

You can register to view the recording via the following link: - please feel free to share that with any of your peers whom you think would benefit from today’s content.

I’d like to end this column by expressing my gratitude towards Jamie, David, Wanda and Raun once again for their contributions: guys, you made my job very easy, and it really was a pleasure to have you on the panel today. Thank you.

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