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William is a director of Oareborough Consulting, a consultant in business transformation and outsourcing. He seeks to make outsourcing and business transformation work in delivering the benefits expected. He works in the development of service strategies, programme management of change, sourcing advisory, benefits realisation, service architecture, service investigation, governance, service management and dispute resolution.

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May 17, 2017    0

Outsourcing agreements come to an end, just as do some political treaties.

What can those steering the perils of partition learn from each other? There are few experiences as visceral as the turmoil of politics. As a British citizen, I have taken my part and cast my vote on 23rd June, 2016. The comparison of events since with recently managed outsourcing exits is the source of inspiration for this article.

Know The Rules

For The...

Oct 13, 2016    0

Multi-supplier service is all the rage, together with its linking agent Service Integration and Management (SIAM). Wonderful in theory... How does one practically get multiple parties to collaborate towards a common end?

It was recognised early in the development of multi-supplier models that there needed to be a unifying agent. A great deal of time and effort went into the development of new operating models, associated structures and contractual mechanisms. Some of the...

Sep 20, 2016    0

The formation of a good sourcing agreement relies on clear thinking and agreement between the parties on what is to be done, why and how. The market and technology are changing so rapidly that the next agreement is likely to bear little resemblance to the last. How to make sure we ask the right questions and not just the obvious of the suppliers and ourselves?

Your mess for less

In days of old, when suppliers were big, profitable and mostly American, the...

Jul 27, 2016    0

Just when multi-supplier (also known as SIAM) contracting is starting to get under control, DevOps emerges. This article looks at the interaction of the two for the design of retained and sourced IT operations. The implications for service contracts are profound and largely un-tested.

The pages of management journals have been liberally sprinkled with fads for many decades. Some react with naive credulity; instantly tacking from one to another as each article appears in the...

Mar 24, 2016    0

In the 1980s it was simple: there was little sourced service. Then came the bandwagon and many jumped on, keeping the thinnest retained shell. What are the challenges now as the pendulum of fashion and practice continues to swing?

Trends in the market

Some projections of future events are little more than crystal-ball gazing. Others have more substance. I have recently been much taken by an observation by Daniel Burrus he calls ‘...

Mar 11, 2016    1

There is a fiction that suggests that business decisions are made on purely utilitarian grounds. Psychologists have shown convincingly that people value the avoidance of loss far more highly than capturing gains. There are many and significant implications for those seeking to implement change, particularly in an agile environment.

The Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto and associated...

Feb 17, 2016    1

The concept of “capability” has long been used in strategic analysis to establish defensible leadership. What are the capabilities that are being established by leading service providers and customers? How do you assess the difference between hype and substance?

The bar of acceptable performance has always risen over time. Right now, the rate of change seems to be astonishing. On occasion, change is discontinuous. There are several such...