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Dr. Vasco Pedro is the co-founder and CEO of Unbabel. Founded in Portugal in 2013, Unbabel eliminates language barriers between companies and their customers by combining bespoke Neural Machine Translation, advanced automated quality estimation, and a global human network of ‘Unbabelers’, In 2016 Vasco won the Startup Founder of Year award by Startup Portugal, and currently serves on the Financial Board of Beta-i, a startup accelerator. He splits his time between Unbabel’s European and San Francisco offices.

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Nov 15, 2018    0
I like to think about translation like access to fresh water. Not so long ago — and still in many parts of the world — getting water was hard. You’d get up first thing in the morning, get a bucket, walk (sometimes for miles) and then come back and do it again.
But then it became easier thanks to technology. 
Translation is still very much in the “bucket” phase. Every time a company wants to...