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Tyler Higgins brings 15 years of consulting expertise to AArete where he is a Managing Director and leads the global management firm’s Strategic Profitability Improvement group. Higgins specializes in developing and executing complex strategies and sophisticated solutions for complex business challenges. One primary focus of his has been the execution and delivery of strategic sourcing efforts across retail, financial services, higher education, manufacturing, and  transportation.

Higgins' range of expertise covers most supply markets and most up and coming procurement-related tools allowing him to deploy innovative solutions across these industries. Higgins has executed thousands of sourcing projects amounting to over $2B in financial value. Higgins has been routinely quoted and published by national news publications and leading industry publications as well as routinely published as an expert in a variety of supply markets. Higgins has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics from UC Berkeley.

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The Rediscovery of Keiretsu: Vertically Integrated Partnerships with Your Supply Base
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As AArete prepares to attend the upcoming SIG Technology Summit, April 16-19 in Amelia Island, Florida I wanted you to consider the volatile commodity market and economic environment of the past few years that has pitted suppliers and companies against each other. Against all odds, businesses achieved record profits and rapid growth unlike any other time in history...
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The topic of 2023 to date: ChatGPT, and other transformative AI technologies that have created novel personal experiences, but the question remains, how can it make your business better? And, when is the time right to utilize the innovation across key business functions? While we are only at the infancy of the power of AI driven chatbots, the prevailing market positions has created a call of action to drive resiliency, efficiency, and productivity. The time is now to reinvent your...
Procurement professionals across the globe are being catapulted to the front lines of the battle for cost-containment, remaining competitive in their respective industries, and in some cases saving operations from going under.
May 04, 2022    0

Supply chain and procurement professionals are now tasked with the near-impossible: fighting off upstream price increases and obtaining year-over-year cost savings in today’s inflationary environment. For the first time in years, suppliers are in control and cost savings are hard to find. Where does one start? Are cost savings even possible in today’s world? Is cost avoidance the only hope moving forward?

The Current State of Inflation

With inflation rising 0.6%...

Procurement is the gatekeeper when it comes to meeting your organization’s sustainability mission statement.
Feb 23, 2022    0

With floods, fires and failing supply chains increasing throughout 2021, we welcome another crisis to the center stage: climate change. The impacts of these disastrous events rippled across every industry and were felt by both consumers and suppliers, causing a major shift in how we do business.

It is not merely a question of if something can be manufactured or sourced, but it has become a question of how. Procurement plays a vital role in being the gatekeeper to...

Five key priorities for digital transformation and how to enable it for success.
Jan 11, 2022    0

The boom of technology implementation and its effectiveness were quickly tested by the challenges of the pandemic. While some challenges were solved successfully – collaboration via video conferences – the pandemic has stressed the structure and effectiveness of other areas.

Procurement organizations have been thrust into the middle of numerous pandemic-created challenges – PPE, supply chain shortages, new technology systems, etc. – but the tools for their...