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In early 2002, Rich resigned a position with an industry leading uniform supplier and founded Fine Tune in a basement in Bloomington, IN. He oversees all areas of the business, dedicating the majority of his time to building and developing our team of "Tuners," telling the Fine Tune story to current and future clients, and leading Fine Tune's overall strategic direction.

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Fortune 1000-sized firms feel they have no choice but to retain incumbent suppliers under less than favorable terms.
Jun 08, 2022    0

The threat of lost business.

Without it, even the largest customer lacks any real power in the marketplace. When a supplier doesn’t feel any plausible threat of lost business, it can adopt—figuratively, of course—the sales tactics employed by Vito Corleone in The Godfather, as relayed by Michael to Kay:

…my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.”

For a range of reasons...

How to Fix Procurement’s Fake Savings Problem
Jan 25, 2022    0

Back on September 9, we learned Kraft Heinz (KHC) had paid $62 million in fines for what SEC enforcement division director Anita Bandy called “…improper expense management practices that spanned many years and involved numerous misleading transactions, millions in bogus cost savings and a pervasive breakdown in accounting controls.”...