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Milan Panchmatia is Managing Partner at 4C Associates, an award-winning management consultancy specialising in procurement, savings delivery and managed services. Milan has over 20 years’ experience in working with global brands and world-class marketers, delivering ATL/BTL and Digital projects. His breadth of experience comes from working in procurement, management consultancy and creative agencies, and he has worked with a wide variety of clients including Coca-Cola, Diageo, J&J, BMW, Honda, Orange and Castrol. Milan focuses on providing clients with truly actionable insights at both a strategic and tactical level and delivering cost savings and increased value from marketing spend.
Twitter: @milanpanchmatia

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UK retail sector is not doing as bad as you think.
Oct 03, 2018    0
If you only paid attention to newspaper headlines you would be forgiven for thinking that the retail sector is collapsing one store at a time. The truth, as always, is not black and white. Some businesses have failed to adapt to changing market forces, whereas others have embraced them. 
While ASOS, Boohoo, Primark and Ted Baker have all recently posted...
Nov 26, 2017    0

In a recent 4C poll* of 227 UK retail procurement executives, 89% responded that they either had no plan in place or were unaware that their company had a plan in place. What should you consider now so that you’re prepared for the March 2019 Brexit deadline? 

The perception of UK procurement both within the retail sector and the wider procurement community as a whole has been consistent and predictable with regards to the Brexit decision. A recent 4C poll, held...

Apr 11, 2017    0

Growing economic uncertainty has seen many businesses look to procurement for a means to increase savings and ultimately drive growth. This is especially true in the retail industry where common issues include mounting costs, struggling suppliers, increased competition and expanding supply chains. On top of this, savings must be achieved without affecting the quality of the end product or customer experience.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to implement strategic...

Jul 08, 2016    0

The result of the EU referendum will undoubtedly have a profound and long-lasting impact on the entire UK population and is likely to be something that is truly generational. Whether we voted for Remain or for Leave, however, Brits now have to assess where we are and how we maintain our position in the global economy.

As we are all aware Leave campaigners claimed that import costs will be significantly reduced (by as much as 8%) as we move to being a zero-tariff regime. Whilst I...