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Matt Yonkovit is Percona’s Chief Experience Officer, overseeing company strategy & marketing functions, as well as operating as the chief storyteller. Before joining Percona in 2009, Matt worked at MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems as a Solution Architect, building out and optimizing high performance, scalable, and always-available infrastructure for Fortune 500 and countless other web properties.

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Cloud deployments can quickly rack up additional, expensive consumption bills.
Jan 13, 2020    0

In my previous article, I discussed how procurement teams can help their businesses when buying support or services for open source software. There is another key issue procurement teams will have to understand in relation to implementations of this type–cloud.

Traditionally, applications were installed on physical servers and run in a company’s data...

When it comes to open source software, procurement teams must understand the specific nuances of these types of projects.
Jan 06, 2020    0

“Open source” describes a specific approach to creating, distributing and using software. Anyone can see how the source code for this software is put together, they can often use this software for free and they can potentially alter it to meet their own needs. But, if something is free, why do procurement teams need to get involved, and when can it lead to potential headaches?

Understanding When Free Is Not Really Free

The reality is that open source is not...