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Krishnan Venkat is a Managing Director at Softtek, a global IT service provider. He specializes in Procurement and Business Process Outsourcing. His expertise spans over three decades of category management, as well as processes and systems used for managing procurement transactions. Krishnan combines domain expertise in IT spend management as it relates to the Manufacturing, Finance, Retail and Transportation industries, along with deep process knowledge of procurement through shared services operations for Fortune 50 clients. 

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Aug 19, 2018    0
“Tail spend” represents a significant cost for large enterprises. While comprising a relatively small portion of total cost, the drip-drop accumulation of spend by large numbers of small, non-strategic suppliers making ad hoc and one-time purchases adds up to represent a sizable sum. The issue is exacerbated by inefficient contract management, cumbersome payment processes and a lack of automation.
A longstanding bane of procurement executives, the...