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Jason Anderson is Local Government Account Executive with ABM in Atlanta, Ga. He is passionate about partnering with local governments and their leadership to provide funding for many of their challenges by implementing innovative solutions through ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program. For more information, contact Jason at jason.anderson@abm.com.

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Through the Energy Performance Contracting Program and ongoing preventive maintenance of the new facility equipment, Turner County officials will be able to realize these savings, while benefitting from enhanced infrastructure, for years to come.
Sep 08, 2020    0

When municipal and county governments need significant facility and infrastructure updates, but don’t have the funds available, they must identify new and creative ways to cut costs.

For example, Turner County, Georgia, needed to control expenses and upgrade its facilities and infrastructure to ensure its residents receive vital services. They began by analyzing the county’s energy and operational costs.

After attending the Association of County Governments in...