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Dan Pinto is President and Founder of RAC Partners Inc, a Risk Management consulting firm that has provided support to customers in the Pharmaceutical, Financial and Government sectors.  Mr. Pinto is a CISSP and CTPRP, and also serves as the President of the InfraGard Jacksonville Members Alliance, and as the Southeast Regional Coordinator for InfraGard National (www.infragard.org).  Prior to this Mr. Pinto served as a Director for Information Security at Johnson & Johnson in Raritan, NJ for 9 years, and spent 15 years working on multiple Information Security programs at the National Security Agency (NSA, in Fort Meade, MD. 

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Oct 14, 2019    0
It seems that I have reached a point in my career where I have to acknowledge that I am not one of the young guys anymore. As I support my customers and assess the state of their Risk Management capabilities, I continue to find that I rarely see issues that I have not seen before. I guess that is the benefit of having worked in this field for a couple of decades. But it is also an indication that the lessons that are being learned in one segment of industry are not becoming common...