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Brian Seipel is a Consultant and the Spend Analysis Practice Lead at Source One. He is focused on helping companies implement innovative solutions for driving revenue and expanding market share through procurement and strategic sourcing best practices.  With a background combining Business Analysis, Information Technology, and Marketing, Seipel played an instrumental role in developing the proprietary spend classification taxonomy and user experience for SpendConsultant. Seipel is also a featured contributor to leading Procurement blogs including Strategic Sourceror and Sourcing Innovation Procurement and Technology thought leaders blog.

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Dec 11, 2018    0
Supply lines never look as vulnerable as they do when inclement weather strikes. At best, trucks face major delays as accidents and poor conditions make roads treacherous and, at worst, they suffer accidents of their own. Routinely, air carriers remain grounded while affected areas hunker down and airports close. Don’t think you’re safe even if you fall outside a storm’s high-impact area. Regions immediately outside of these zones, while typically spared the worst...
Oct 25, 2018    0
I don’t gamble very often. When I do, I tend to lose. These two facts established, you can probably guess that I spend very little time in casinos. When I do venture into one, however, I’m there for hours. Why, you ask? We’ve already recognized that card games are no friend of mine. No, I tend to linger because of how casino floor plans are designed. Casinos are built to keep people in, entertained and gambling – this comes as a surprise to no one. That telecom...
Sep 21, 2018    0
Talking about the return on investment of a spend analysis can be a tricky subject.  
On one hand, procurement professionals typically see the value of a spend analysis right away. “We don’t know what we don’t know” is a quick and dirty assessment of why a spend analysis is important – it provides the foundation to identify paths forward in strategic sourcing initiatives and, therefore, helps produce savings. While...