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Bill Huber is Managing Director: Digital Platforms & Solutions at Alsbridge, a global sourcing advisory and consulting firm.

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Jun 28, 2016    0

Sourcing executives today are all about innovation and adding business value: buying smarter to drive business benefits such as increased customer satisfaction, reduced error rates and insights into product design. In other words, procurement operational strategy aspires to demonstrate alignment with factors driving the success of the business, which is more than just cost takeout.

Who could argue with that?

However, while the theoretical benefits of value-based sourcing are...

May 06, 2016    0

Outsource: Bill, it’s great to see you again here at the SIG Summit. Lots of interesting things have happened recently over at Alsbridge [see our interview with CEO Chip Wagner here]: how have these changes affected what you’ve been doing?

Bill Huber: It’s a new challenge for me. My previous role was focused on a number of key clients from an overall relationship,...