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Alexander is a data scientist with a demonstrated history of utilizing machine learning and data science in the financial sector, especially asset management. Alexander holds a PhD in economics with a focus on machine learning applications and has a background in physics from the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Universität Karlsruhe (DE).

Alexander has a 10-year track record in business applicable Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, especially in the fields of financial markets and customer analytics.

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Artificial Intelligence in Financial Institutions
Aug 28, 2018    0

Financial institutions are playing a numbers game in the core of their business: they evaluate risks and opportunities of potential transactions and if the perceived benefits outweigh the associated risks they will agree to the deal. In the case of traditional banking, this is true for the credit approval process, whereas in the case of insurance companies, the correct evaluation of risk factors determines the conditions of an insurance policy. Like weather forecasts demonstrate,...