Three Reasons Organisations Should Look to Ukraine for Outsourcing Expertise

Posted: 03/15/2019 - 00:58
As technology advances in this digital age, with exciting developments coming thick and fast, many associate the forefront of innovation with Silicon Valley and the tech giants that dominate the global headlines. There are innovations happening around the world, but, when it comes to outsourcing, many of these hubs are overlooked. 
One such tech ecosystem is Ukraine. Making $3.6 billion worth of IT exports in 2017 (representing a significant 3.4 percent of its GDP), it’s a global tech hub that is, however, sometimes overlooked for some of the larger hubs around the world. With 4,000 thriving tech companies in Ukraine, there are many reasons that organisations should consider Ukraine for outsourcing expertise. 
1. It is a trusted choice 
Ukraine is already proving a popular choice for many organisations looking to tap into this rapidly expanding tech hub. For European companies looking to outsource, Ukraine is a strong contender as shared cultures and similar time zones make it easier to work on a project, arrange meetings and visit offices.  
With some of the largest companies in the world selecting Ukrainian IT services, the country’s best talent is already empowering significant organisations around the world.  
2.) Great companies thrive in great environments 
In recent years the Ukrainian tech ecosystem has thrived. Between 2016 and 2017, exit numbers in Ukraine grew by 237 percent from 8 to 19, and the number of IT service companies has increased by 180 percent in the five years to 2017. It seems that Ukraine has a glowing future in its tech and innovation ecosystem.  
With this growing demand for IT services and Ukrainian tech expertise, there are many cutting edge companies scaling up in the country. As more and more innovators tap into the ecosystem, the country provides a perfect environment for technological revolution. Accelerators and incubators for the latest innovations are spreading across the country: currently there are over 50 coworking spaces and hubs and 30 industry communities in which ideas are quickly becoming reality.  
3.) Technology exports are only predicted to grow 
Hearing of these ecosystems at the forefront of technological innovation, it’s easy to see why Ukraine is set to become one of the go-to locations for organisations looking for top outsourcing expertise. Although the country is already enjoying incredible success, this will only grow in the future as the number of tech companies and innovations increases. 
2018 saw $290 million in start-up investments and Ukraine is currently ranked 43rd out of 126 countries on the Global Innovation Index. The talent in the country is indisputably the reason behind this, as the software and technology specialists in training begin to open cutting edge start-ups that thrive in Ukraine.  
With strong local technical universities supplying some 40,000 specialists across the country each year, now is the time for organisations to tap into that supply chain. Ukraine is no longer a country to be overlooked – it deserves recognition as a centre of outsourcing expertise and companies around the globe are wise to start utilising that top tech talent.  

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