Outsource talked again!

Posted: 04/22/2016 - 01:54

Yesterday it was my extreme pleasure to host the second in our Outsource Talks webinar series – this time, live from the SIG Summit in Orlando, Florida (which at the time of publishing still has almost a full day to go, so keep an eye on Twitter and the hashtag #SIGspring16 for a taste of what’s going on) – featuring the magnificent Linda Tuck Chapman, Matt Shocklee and Eleanor Winn who drove a superb conversation despite a range of technical gremlins which would have tested the patience of a saint (and threatened to turn the less-than-saintly yours truly into a gibbering wreck). It really was a delightful conversation – exactly the kind of “chatshow”-type environment I was hoping for with this format – and I urge you all to check in and listen to it by clicking here to access the recording if you’re interested in how the sourcing industry has evolved (and where it’s going); the birth of the Global Digital Innovation Council and what it means for society at large; the development and eventual acquisition of a radical new advisory firm (and why its co-founder is now joining Outsource and SIG!); the importance (or lack of it) of the human factor in sourcing; and a vast amount more priceless insight from three genuine thought leaders in the sourcing and outsourcing world.

As always I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Matt, Linda and Eleanor for their wonderful contributions (in the face of at-times-infuriating technical glitches) – it really is a pleasure to host, and learn from, such extraordinary people. Outsource Talks returns on the third Wednesday of every month so please do join us: registration for the next webinar (on May 18) will launch over the next couple of days so keep an eye on this site and our LinkedIn group for more details. Meanwhile, once again you can listen to yesterday’s triumph over adversity by clicking the link below. Enjoy! (And as always please let me have your feedback – and suggestions for future guests - at jliddell@sig.org...)



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