Adam Cummins


Adam Cummins is a director at Pace Harmon, an optimisation and outsourcing advisory services firm providing guidance on complex transactions, process and operational optimisation, and provider governance.

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How machine learning can impact, excel and innovate your business.
Aug 02, 2019    0
Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are popular buzzwords today, yet the practical applications for and approaches to these concepts are often less understood and (in many cases) may still be on the horizon.  However, there is a technology-driven differentiator within this overarching category that has been in use across a number of industries for some time.  Machine learning is the means by which a program analyzes a number of data sources and, by using...
Aug 05, 2016    0

Organisations that enter business process outsourcing (BPO) transactions inevitably experience challenges with BPO providers – often resulting from unmet expectations, difficult transitions and erratic steady state delivery. While it is reasonable to expect the value promised by a provider to be delivered quickly and consistently, walking a mile in a BPO provider’s shoes can help buyers understand the typical challenges BPO providers face when taking over execution of business...

Mar 24, 2016    1

As enterprises make significant investments in their sourcing and procurement function, they rightfully expect a solid return on that investment. One of the more significant value creation elements of a sourcing and procurement function is the team and process that focuses on strategic sourcing. The Institute for Supply Management defines strategic sourcing as “an organised and...