Human Resources

Apr 29, 2020    0
We are in an unprecedented time around the world, with an extremely wide gap in coping skills. Finding calm and peaceful moments is more important than ever right now. Chronic stress and anxiety...
Cybersecurity Talent
Apr 27, 2020    0
The constant cyber threat has completely changed the way boards around the world approach risk. A robust cybersecurity posture is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a business priority,...
AI in Poland
Apr 24, 2020    0
There was a time, not too long ago, when outsourcing tech business was the next big thing. For a while, sending projects out to India, China and beyond was considered to be the sensible thing to do...
Talent management
Apr 17, 2020    0
Across all industries, talent is our single most important resource. Our corporate strategies rise and fall in line with the experience, commitment, and uniqueness of our talent pool. One can often...
Network connection
Apr 15, 2020    0
How is COVID-19 impacting current enterprise outsourcing engagements (ITO/BPO)? Organizations are being impacted in different ways depending on the stage of their IT or business process...
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