Human Resources

Travel Category Management
Jul 20, 2020    0
There’s not likely to be a lot of business travel happening within most of your companies right now.  There hasn’t been, globally, for a few months, as corporations introduced...
Business Outsourcing
Jul 10, 2020    0
Amid the pandemic, it’s fair to say the outsourced service operating model, particularly in customer service, has experienced forced change. While cost has always been the key driver in...
Post-Pandemic Workforce
Jul 06, 2020    0
You say we are seeing the biggest overhaul of work since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution – why do you say this?The disruption we have experienced with COVID has been unprecedented....
Digital Transformation of Contingent Labor
Jul 02, 2020    0
The way we work had changed long before the Covid-19 crisis. And with the recent pandemic, the way work gets done might be changed forever, permanently.The role of the external workforce or the...
Workplace Reopening
Jun 19, 2020    0
How do you think the pandemic has and will change business in America for employees going forward, especially within the workplace?There’s a major mindset shift for employees; that’s...
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