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Adam Bamford is Services Manager at Software Europe, responsible for the growth of Expedite, the company’s fast outsourced Expenses services. Adam took the role of Expedite Services Manager in December 2015 having previously been part of the Commercial Business Development team, which sold Expedite from its creation earlier in 2015 to a range of large businesses. He has the responsibility of growing through the use of innovative technologies, development of the current services and evolvement of current strategies to help customers overcome everyday business obstacles through outsourcing. A keen Derby County fan, Adam loves football, spending time with his family and days out across the country.

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May 26, 2016    0

Once more, the validity of outsourcing in the public sector has been brought into question.
Just this week, the National Audit Office released a report on the UK government’s programme to transfer back-office functions to two shared services centres. The report outlines that although savings were made, so far to date, it has not achieved value for money.

The worry is that new outsourcing...